Friday, July 25, 2008

spending time with family in Tulia

Between reunion events, we got to spend time with Alex's family in Tulia. LOTS of brothers and their wifes, nephews and neices and all their families!!! It was fun!

Gary with Natalee and Kaylin. (Cherri and John's pretty girl!)

Natalee and me!! (Dwight and Andreia's one and only!)

Me and newest baby Sophia (Skyler and Crystal's.)

2 of my cutie pie great neices!!! WOW I'm old!!

4 of my cute nephews, Skyler and his son Andrew, John and his son, Christian! HANDSOME!

Another brother, Kelly and great neice Kiki.

Here is Alex and I with his brother Gary and wife Cheryl!

We got to spend time with family we don't get to see very much. We had a great time!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isn't my husband the cutest?!! This is our 30th year class reunion this year. We are leaving to go to Tulia/Canyon in the morning to celebrate!! I am excited to go back and see everyone. The next week we will be staying at the Gaylord Texan for a few days for a convention and then we are off to Chicago for a week! This picture is from last summer on our 25th wedding anniversary in Cayman.

Wow!!! summer is half over... good times go fast!

Lindsey and Kristin are moving again. They are moving from their cute loft apartment in downtown Dallas to Uptown. This apartment is in the cutest area!!!! I talk to Lindsey just about everyday, but I don't see her too often, maybe once a week. She is spending lots of time with her boyfriend, Carr. So, basicly when we see Lindsey, we see Carr! He is a sweetie!

Brady is turning 21 on Monday, the 21st of July and moving back to Stillwater on the 23rd. He had his girlfriend come and stay with us last night. She is a really sweet girl. We enjoyed her here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

workin' on the house

Just a bit of an update on our house remodel...

This is one of the first things Alex built for me. Isn't my white fence and arbor pretty?

This is our breakfast porch!

This is our formal dining which is the latest remodel.

We have painted the walls, trim, floors and put in a black decorated ceiling tins. The ceiling is very high here and it is one of my favorite rooms. We can fit around 10 to eat in this room. The closet is a butler's pantry.

My bedroom is probably my favorite. It is chocolate brown and light teal. We had to completely start from scratch here. The original room was rough cedar walls with a franklin stove. We rebulit walls and a linen closet, took out the stove and put in new windows. Alex is an awesome handy-man. The ceilings are a very light shade of teal. They are also very high and are tin ceilings.

We also had to take out a very small bathroom and a closet to make us a larger master bath. The floor was coming up and we could see layers of wallpaper back to about the 1930's! We started all over and did the brown and teal colors, put in cork floors, crackled our tin ceilings and Alex did another awesome job!! We kept the original tub, but everything else was new!

MY CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!