Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2nd day of summer!

ok, it is officially summer '08! Yipee! another school year accomplished. I just finished my 5th year of teaching at Midlothian and my 8th year overall. Sitting at the end of the year awards with my teammates, Cortni leaned over to me and whispered, I have "21" (or 23, something like that!!) years to teach until retirement. That means she can retire at approximately 50 or so years old.... So, I asked her to calculate when I can retire... 60 or 62! OH NO! that is a long time away!!
Brady is home for the summer. He is doing summer school at Navarro taking Spanish. He is doing ODD jobs, (pool boy, lawn boy, unloading misc. stuff for Pam, special project for MISD, dishwasher unloader... but working) and spending lots of time with us and his friend, Katie. This is Katie and Brady at the Ft. Worth Zoo!

Brady is LOVING college! He is enjoying all aspects of college life! I think the school spirit is definitely his favorite! "go pokes!" Anyway, Brady and John at a OSU game!

Lindsey is teaching summer school this summer and loving getting paid for hanging out all summer... that is the perks of teaching school! It has been a fun year! JAV Elementary had both of us teaching this year, me in 3rd and Lindsey in 1st! We all love JAV! and they must love both Mrs. and Ms. Vaughn!!! :) Here we are at our favorite "OJEDAS" hangout!

Lindsey's new friend is Carr Smith. (Carr is the nephew of my longtime best friend, Lori!) Here is Lindsey and Carr at the lake. (she wants me to tell you not to notice the "ugly lake hair!")

well... that is it for now...
and... "yippee for summer!!!!!!"