Sunday, December 14, 2008

thanksgiving in Haiti...

Lindsey and I decided to go on a mission trip
to Haiti over Thanksgiving. We got our shots,
we packed our bags and headed off with 6 other
teachers from Midlothian. It was an awesome
experience. I really did miss Alex and Brady
so much, but it was life changing!!
We worked with the 165 teachers of the New
Missions in Haiti at a teacher's conference. We
did rice feedings in the villages. We played with
the kids. It was worth it all. We don't realize
how fortunate we are.

RECESS in Haiti!! (kids love to play anywhere!)

We played with the kids!

We walked to the villages...

We prayed over the children!

We got to go to church and worship with the

Anita with a little cutie pie!

didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with Alex
and Brady, but at least I was with Lindsey.
(ewww... our lovely Haiti hair!)

the rice feedings

3 cans of rice will feed a family for

about a week.

bagging rice is hard, hard work!

we prayed over each person that received rice

But look who gets the rice!!

so happy!

Carrying rice back up the mountain to feed thier family.

That was worth it all...

welcome to Port au Prince, Haiti

Welcome to Port au Prince

filth everywhere

a typical open air market

their homes

new friends

We met new friends from our own group,
and we met new friends from Haiti.
me, my sponsored boy, his momma and

our north carolina friends!!

Our interpreters!!!

Sarah and Gregory

for the kids....

We went for the kids...

in their new missions classrooms

in their yellow gingham uniforms...

it was all worth it for these absolutely,

beautiful kids. Look at that smile!

the beautiful part of Haiti...

our "home away from home"
the new missions compound...

on the most beautiful beach

a view from the mountain

can't believe this is so beautiful in such a
torn, hard, desperate country...