Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fall fun times!!

Sure have had some fun times so far this fall! I love
the cooler weather. We went to the Homecoming
game at OSU against Baylor and had a great time with
Brady and his buddies! We ate lunch and attended the
silent auction at the Phi Delt House, tailgated, went to
the game and cheered them to victory!! Ate dinner with
Brady and stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast in
Guthrie, Oklahoma. It was a great weekend!

We met Brady and some friends in Austin the next
weekend for the OSU/ UT game!! Such a disappointing
loss, but it was a great game!!!

My dad's 71st birthday fell on the "grandparent's to lunch
day" at JAV Elementary!! He got to eat lunch with Marissa,
Nena and me, pass out cookies to my class, Marissa's class
and his own grandaughter's class of 1st graders!! One kiddo
asked him if he was in WWII... eeeeekkkkk!!!

OSU Homecoming 08
lots of orange! Brady

OSU homecoming! big win over Baylor!

at the Texas State Fair!

aren't Lindsey and Carr cute!! ??

our friends anita & doug!

lindsey and carr's pumpkin!

my address pumpkin!

all our pumpkins!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Claire Lynn's new website!!

Claire Lynn has a new website!!
You definitely need to go check
it out! Cute, cute, cute!!
Here is just a couple of the ones
on the website!

Cortni, Rachel and me!!!

"wild about JAV" spirit shirts!!

this is some of the JAV staff!! We got together
for a picture showing off our claire lynn

Brady, Miranda and Brandon
back in 1992!!!

GO Denise!!! really cute again!!! I am proud
of you!!!! Go Claire Lynn!! 20 years!!
Becky my cousin designed the website... more
artsy family members on the Digby side!!!
(that will have to be another blog!!)