Friday, August 22, 2008

Teammates forever!!

Well, it is a new year, and I 
am with kinda a new team.
(but I am still w/ DeAnna
and Cortni... just a few yards
Some have moved to new towns, 
new schools and some to new grades.

We are going to LOOP with 2nd,
so Cortni and DeAnna went to 2nd.
Rachel and Jeanne came to 3rd.
We will call the 2nd & 3rd grade 
team the "tweeners!"

But here is to past teammates!!
Here is the original team...
Baxter Sweethearts!!

Me and Elizabeth!!
Baxter and JAV!

At the WOW showcase!
JAV 3rd grade ROCKS!!

Teammates forever!!
at Kelly's going away
"moving to the Woodlands"
Ojeada's party!!

me, Barb and Cortni
(we are so scary!!)

Elizabeth and I coming back from 
a conference in Austin....
eekkkkk.... had to ride with
the law.... 
we ran out of gas on the hw!!

Christmas at Barb's!

I've taught the longest w/
Barb!!  She a 8th grade,
Walnut Grove Middle School
Science teacher now!!

You go Barb!! 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lots of fun happenings this summer...
Callie Day graduated from high school.

Brady was here for the summer.
Brady's friend Jacob got engaged! Got to spend a lot of time with my good friend Lolo! Spent some great times with Lindsey's boyfriend, Carr and Brady's girlfriend, Katie.
We just had a great summer!

Here are some quick pictures of some of our fun!!

We had several family birthdays this summer.
Here is Denise (my sister) at David's Seafood at mom's party!
Brady turned 21, Marissa turned 8, Mckenna turned 8,
Mom turned 68 and Denise turns 46 on Sept 2!
(pretty cute for 46 huh??)

DeeAnn (my other sister!) had both her boys there and Marissa!
Everyone got to come and celebrate except for Brandon and Brady..
(and believe me, it is not the same without those 2!)

L to R:
Lynn ., Trent F, Alex

bottom row
Lisa L, Julie, me, Debra T,
Elizabeth Ann

My college roommate had a party for the Tulia HS graduates of 78 that could come down to the Dallas area at her beautiful home. Here is some of his friends that were able to come. (they let me sit in their picture even though I didn't graduate with them!!)

My friends and I went to Los Lupes for a fun girls night!
We just had a good time laughing and catching up!!
Me and Kim!

Vickie and Anita!
(the other side of the table!)
Summer is almost over :(

This summer we also had a "rock band" party at Cortni's!!
Here is Alex jammin!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

WICKED and the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field!!

At the Oriental Theatre for Wicked!!

Watching the Cubs!!!!

Look how cool! Skyboxes on top of houses for more bleachers!
We had so much fun!!!


Lindsey and Kristin at the Will Rogers Follies.

It has been a busy, busy last couple of weeks!! We spent a couple of nights at the Gaylord Texan for Alex's department meetings. We had a super time! Got to spend the day at the pool with my friend Lori and went on a party boat cruising around Lake Grapevine. It was really nice, we ate on the boat, listened to music and danced. We spent Friday evening with our friend Sonya for her birthday and all went to the Movie Grill to watch MAMA MIA!!! The guys were not so excited, but we had a great time!!! Saturday night we went to the fanciest wedding we have EVER been to. Brady went back to OSU last week and Lindsey & Kristin moved to their new apartment!! We went to watch our friend DeAnne Driver dance in the Will Rogers Follies in Garland. Had a great dinner celebrating! THAT WAS JUST LAST WEEK!!

Then we traveled on to Chicago for the week!!! What fun!

We started off going to the Art Institute Museum!

We then found the city park and a great outdoor cafe!

The museum was great!!! Look at some of our finds!!


We toured the city by foot & by river boat!