Wednesday, February 24, 2010

snow, snow, snow!! 2010!

It started off at school! WOW!! It snowed ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT!!! This is at 4:30 in the after noon!! We got another 8 inches after this picture!!! I had so much fun hanging out with Alex in the snowstorm of 2010! Oscar HATED the snow! Our cat. Wallie tolerated it and Sugar LOVED it! She slept in the heated greenhouse and then would run wild all through the snow! Had a blast with my kindergarteners... but probably shouldn't post those pictures! But what a cool way to say good bye to the Winter of 2010! Sure does make for fun memories!!!
This was our back yard, absolutely beautiful! We didn't know another 6 inches would fall!! It just kept coming and coming!! The ironic thing here is the most snowfall on record was the winter of 78! My freshman year of highschool! I went to Canyon's WTSU, right south of Amarillo! WOW! It was SNOW heaven for me!! But in Dallas, lots of snow that year too!! I invited my new "boyfriend" to our house to meet my family! Alex Vaughn came and met the whole crew!! That week, we got snow and ICE!! LOTS OF ICE!!! My sweet daddy drove in the worst ice storm of the decade to downtown Dallas to drop my boyfriend off to meet up with his friends for the "Cottonbowl" now deemed the "ice bowl!!" We on the other hand had lost power for several days at our house! FUN memories!! We all 5 lived in the den, with all the windows and doors closed off and ate, played and slept under tons of blankets and kept warm by the fire. Awesome memory for our family and Alex and I!! Meeting my "new boyfriend" that winter turned into a wedding 4 years later and here we are... 32 years after that really special winter in history! Was a pretty special winter for me too!

The total was 15 plus inches! ALMOST as much as that "other" winter!!
We had snow ice cream, chili, homemade red wine stew, cornbread, LOTS of hot chocolate, Tammie Kidd's baked oatmeal and one thing that was consistant was my hot coffee (from Haiti!!)

wow!! Lost some of my beautiful trees, but the 2 days were almost magical.

I will look back and never forget February 2010!!

snow.... snow....snow....

beautiful! 2010 I will never forget it!

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2dayisgood said...

neither will i.....

i love your pictures.

memories are good :)