Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love summer Mondays....

I love summer Mondays, summer Tuesdays, summer Wednesdays.... I love summer! I really like that I don't have a schedule. I like that I can stay in my pjs if I want to... all day. I like to go eat lunch with Alex, or my friends or in my pjs! I like that I can REALLY keep up with my friends and not just "touch base" with them as our schedules allows!! I like to read. I like to read whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. I like to do projects. I like to organize (and leave it if I get tired of it and come back to it later!!), create, decorate and work in the flowerbeds! I like to paint my furniture if I get tired of what color it is. I like to change my rooms around. I like to frame pictures. I like to watch any show or movie I want that I have saved for just the right time. I like to drink as much coffee in the morning that I want. I like to swing on my front porch, as I drink my coffee (in my pjs!). I like to play words with friends. I like to stay up late at night (and play wwf, read, watch shows or movies or rearrange my house!) I like to see old friends and make new friends. I like to work out in the mornings and not at night. I like to plan what I am going to fix for supper in my new kitchen. I like to make last minute plans and go shopping with a friend and not come home for hours! I like to sit at Starbucks with a friend and talk for hours. I like to wear my too big, baggy, faded, stained and probably too short cut offs! I like to not wear makeup... (for days!!) I like to put my hair in a ponytail. I like to travel around with Alex, sometimes preplanned and sometimes last minute! I like to sleep late and get up when no one is awake (except Oscar... he follows me everywhere!)

SO, here is a couple of pictures of my summer, and what I like...
Brady is doing a "study abroad" in Spain! Got to watch Spain win the world cup in Spain!! Got to experience all the hoop-la with the craziness!! I love getting to talk with him on skype! He loves to show me all the crazy things he can do with all his "techno skills!"
I like getting to spend time with my family! Lindsey and I have had fun "hanging out!" My sister Denise just got a new puppy Paco! We have had fun laying out in her new pool, out door dinners, lunches spur of the moment in my kitchen and playing with our puppies!
I like getting to reconnect with my college Chi-Os! I love that we can be apart for 30 years and pick right back up like it has been just a summer!

I like my new kitchen. We finally remodeled! I will post before and after pictures.

Vacations with friends! Got to spend early June in California with friends! We spent 4 days in Monterrey area and then 4 days in Napa!
And most of all! I like that summer is only half over! I have LOTS more to do!

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